Meredith F. Small

Anthropologist • Writer • Educator

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Meredith Small is a best-selling author, award-winning anthropologist, Professor Emerita at Cornell University, and Visiting Scholar in the Department of Anthropology of the University of Pennsylvania. 


Meredith’s upcoming book, Inventing the World: Venice and the Transformation of Western Civilization discusses the historical and anthropological influences of Venice, Italy, on Western society through a long list of uniquely Venetian inventions.

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Latest News

Inventing the World: Venice and the Transformation of Western Civilization by Meredith F. Small

Release Date: December 2020


•Essay on how Venetians invented health care made the home page of the History News Network. Click on illustration to read the essay.


Inventing the World chosen as one of the 5 best books of the week by the British newspaper The Independent.


•Essay for the Page 99 Test blog. Really fun to look at page 99 and write about it.

"In elegant, engaging prose, Meredith Small shows the mother-child relation to be a microcosm of society"
"[Small's] concise, readable treatment of cross-cultural differences in child-rearing will interest everyone from high school students to grandparents, with or without children."
"Lays out the fundamental wiring diagrams of human sexuality ... essential knowledge"